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Our Services

Brown Diving Offers a Range of Underwater and Top-side Services to Meet Your Next Marine Projects Needs

Underwater Welding

Underwater Welding is one of the highest-level professions in the world, and it comes with no shortage of risks. Brown Diving has exceptional experience in this field holding certifications through the American Welding Society and Lloyd's of London. (Lloyd's Register Class B, AWS D3.6:2010) ensuring all structural welds and repairs stand up to the rigors of the underwater enviornment.


Marine Construction Support 

By understanding steel, timber, and concrete in an underwater environment, Brown Diving offers AWS D1.1 and D3.6 welding, X-bracing installation, substructure demolition, and anchor setting services in support of the marine construction industry.

Salvage Diving

Brown Diving works in support of the marine salvage industry by providing search & recovery, metal detecting, underwater cutting, and rigging services to Marine Salvage Contractors.

Aluminum Structural Fabrication

Metal Fabrication

Brown Diving has custom fabrication capabilities for projects large and small. From barge, heavy equipment, and vessel retrofits to metal structures, dock hardware, and custom railings for your Lake or Coastal home. Brown has the experience and knowledge to take on your next project. 


Brown Diving provides surveying and visual inspections of dock, seawall, and swimming pool substructures, as well as moorings, vessel hulls and running gear with the use of underwater photography and videography. 



With an extensive background in the welding and metal fabrication industry, Brown Diving has developed a specialty in the trade. From small repairs to large critical weldments, Brown Diving is your go to for all things welding. Structural welding certifications are held through the American Welding Society: AWS D1.1:2020


Brown Diving offers maintenance and repair services for submerged structures, docks, seawalls, moorings, and vessels. Regular maintenance is essential for improving safety, efficiency, as well as reducing cost and critical downtime. 


Shoreline Restoration

Brown Diving's shoreline restoration services include erosion control, beach nourishment, and lakebed restoration for lake front and coastal properties. With the use of both lightweight and heavy duty trucks, trailers, and equipment, Brown has the right tools to bring your shoreline back to life!

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